Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial
Location - Bucharest, Romania
Surface - 2,900 sqm
Beneficiary - ICCO AG
Description - Construction of Holocaust Memorial Monument: infrastructure, superstructure, finishing works, corten facade

About the Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial is a monument in Bucharest, inaugurated on October 8, 2006.
The foundation stone of the Holocaust Memorial was on October 9, 2006, on Holocaust Day in Romania, in the presence of President Traian Basescu and Culture Minister Adrian Iorgulescu.
The Holocaust Day in Romania, set on October 9th, commemorates the over 250,000 Jews who died as a result of their deportation to Transnistria in 1941. The marking of this day was established by law in 2004 with the establishment of the National Holocaust Study Institute And with the approval of the law that criminalizes anti-Semitism. (source: Wikipedia)